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Privacy Policy : Overview


This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for all services owned by Digital Video Team.
Digital Video Team recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by users of our website and services.
Standard Privacy Policy
We understand our clients' need for confidentiality and privacy. Digital Video Team collects information from it's website users for the sole purpose of contacting those users by email or telephone who have provided us with their details and are interested in the services we provide. When a user provides us with their personal details, we take great care to ensure that they are kept confidential and away from any kind of public exposure either on the Internet or offline. We will not pass your personal details on to any third party either online or offline, without prior stated permission from the client.


Digital Video Team Mailing List
Email addresses collected for Digital Video Team mailing list will be used solely for the purposes of sending Digital Video Team company services information. At no time will we pass your email address on to any third party company or organisation for any purpose. All information disclosed to Digital Video Team will be for the sole use of Digital Video Team and kept strictly confidential and will not be exposed to the public domain either offline or online.


Online Payment
When using the online payment system, users are asked to input a great deal of personal and company information. This is necessary to ensure that Digital Video Team staff can contact you to confirm your details and arrange to take payment. All information that is collected via the online payment system is generated into an email that is sent to our office. None of the information you provide is stored or displayed online or will ever be collected for any other company or organisation.

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