User Agreement


User Agreement

User Agreement

All applicable photography, writings, graphics and HTML coding in this web site (content) is copyright © 2007 by Digital Video Team and remains the exclusive property of Digital Video Team. No whole or part, whatsoever, may be used without written permission from its creator and owner - especially for commercial purposes, unless allowed by copyright laws.

In any instance where a photograph or image is used outwith a personal basis , acknowledgment of the photograph coming from the Digital VideoTeam web site must accompany the image in close proximity along with a visible link to the actual Digital VideoTeam web site. In no instance, whether implied or otherwise, is permission given to sell or advertise material, other than when a link is provided that directs a user to the actual image on the web page. Placing links to the Digital VideoTeam web site is invited and encouraged.

Personal Accounts allow use of the content for the users personal use only
Professional Accounts allow use of content for the the users business (1only) use of material for
each additional business requires the purchase of the appropriate licence
No resale of the content is permitted whatsoever the licence permits the display of the content only.

Please remember that in neither case do the images becomes "yours" and you cannot claim ownership rights to them or resell them in any fashion. To do so violates copyright laws. An example of this would be: You have a website which you charge people to login to to view or download content and you wish to include a given image from this site. This is not allowed under any circumstance.
Use images in templates for resale [ e.g. flash templates, website templates, brochure templates, powerpoint templates ]

Digital VideoTeam make no statements, representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any of the "content" provided in this web site. It is provided as a "best effort" as a means of entertainment, enjoyment and convenience only, exercised at the viewer's discretion and judgment. Any and all transactions made between you and a "Vendor", whose link or other contact information is provided by Digital VideoTeam, remains solely between you and that "Vendor". Furthermore, by using Digital VideoTeam, you acknowledge and agree that Digital VideoTeam have no liability whatsoever for any loss - cost, damage or harm, directly or indirectly incurred, in connection with the delivery, failure to deliver, performance, quality, or any other aspect of any products or services ordered or contracted by you through any of these "Vendors".

Digital VideoTeam reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue any or all of Digital VideoTeam at any time without giving prior notice and without liability. Digital VideoTeam, at their discretion, reserves the right to change or modify any part or all of this agreement at any time.

DVD Advance © 2007 Digital Video Team, Inc.
All Rights Are Retained by the Copyright and Trademark Owner
All other copyrights and trademarks are reserved by their respective holders.





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