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Endearment : Menu 47/W

Title: Endearment Special Edition

You may have noticed that many of our menus are minimal, this is done intentionally to allow incorporation of your content which enhances each of the projects.
We would like to introduce a new method which we use on many of our client menus, illustrating the above process .
Normally if an image is shown in our preview we include a thumb button for use in encore which will extract the image or video, however this has its limitations, this Tutorial will allow you to include any of your own photographs into the menu,, by using this technique it opens the full potential of all our menus -


Title: Endearment Photo Impact

This technique works well with many of our menus

open the image you wish to use in photoImpact
From the photo Impact menu choose selection -All then Edit copy
this will place your image in the clipboard

STEP 2 open the the first play menu in photo Impact

STEP 3 open the layers panel as shown opposite
mouse click on the image layer to make it active as shown in blue

STEP 4 choose edit paste into selection as shown
adjust the image size to fit

This will create a new layer as shown in image 2
adjust the size of your image to the correct visual appearance use the mouse drag to resize be careful of the feather edge view, press Enter to complete the adjustment.


SAVE The file and you are ready to use the menu with your content

This process makes our menus very versatile for your own requirement and you should explore this area more with a view to altering the position and size of the imported image the results you can achieve are very desirable and illustrate more than ever the design thinking in our menus.