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BWwedding : Menu 40/W

Title: BW Wedding

Description: A very elite wedding main menu and matching motion background the photograph inclusion is covered in the psd file with the relevant instructions

Software: Encore - All Versions


DVD Menus
Format: Encore
File size: 0.500 MB

Formats Available:

  • PAL :
  • NTSC

  ... STD ...  

    ... H/D...  
DVD menus

Title:BW Stars

Description This motion background is extremely subtle but displays elegantly on the TV display and contrasts the main menu
There are many effects included so download to view the true effect.


Format: - M2P
File size:25.0 MB
Duration: 30.000 Sec

Formats Available:

  • PAL :
  • NTSC

  ... STD ...  

    ... H/D...  
Motion Background

Title: romance

Description: suitable audio theme for this background !
(please note preview is limited to 30 seconds)

Format: MP3
File size: 0.500 MB
Loop: Yes
Duration: 30.000 Sec

30 sec Loop


Description: matching fonts for this menu pack (Various)



Format: TTF
File size: 0.500 MB



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