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StudioRed : Menu 17/0

Title: StudioBlue

Description: We have been asked for a long time to provide a suitable intro video for your productions well here it is, a stunningly colourful introduction available in spectacular blue and red themes.
Simply use this as your initial play through menu in Adobe encore where your can adjust the text over the video.

Software: Encore - All Versions


DVD Menus
Format: Encore
File size: 1.800 MB

Formats Available:

  • PAL :
  • NTSC

  ... STD ...  

    ... H/D...  

Title: Studio Blue/Red-
Description:This background will add professionalism instantly to any of your productions a vibrant dynamic colour background available in blue and red versions
Displays in true colour on PAL and NTSC displays


Format: M2P
File size: 25.8 MB
Duration: 24.000 Sec

Formats Available:

  • PAL :
  • NTSC

  ... STD ...  

    ... H/D...  
Red Version
Blue Version

Title: studio

Description: suitable audio theme for this background !
(please note preview is limited to 18 seconds)

Format: MP3
File size: 0.500 MB
Loop: Yes
Duration: 25.500 Sec

Title: Rage

Description: matching fonts for this menu pack (Rage)




Format: TTF
File size: 0.500 MB



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