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Wedding ABliss : Tri Pack special

Title: WEDDING ABliss HD

Description: HD pack


This special pack contains 3 DVD menus in HD format with the After Effects motion background generator for each menu and it is stunning, simply export the background from the after effects project for import to encore as the motion background
The Abliss 2 rings version requires that you use the replace asset feature of After effects simply replace the asset (Your Videos - video 1 and 2 with your HD content)
it includes DVD menus in HD 1280 720 Format together with the after effects motion background generator for HD video format ,HD720

This pack will allow edit of every feature in the design and also includes HD menus and the ability to generate HD video from the After effects pack

PRO Account required

Software: Encore CS3 and All Versions After effects version 7.0 on


Format: Adobe
File size: 85.500 MB


    ... H/D... 


The HD pack contains
Encore - all versions

HD 720 1280 * 720 main (DVD menus) 3no Versions
After Effects version 7.0
Background video generator
for all formats including HD
Effect videos
AVI format ( 2no)
Video Holders
JPG format ( 2no)
Type ( 2no)


Description A beautiful complimenting menu and motion background pack matching our current broadcast standards


3 versions in AF pack
Format: - HD 1280 720
File size: N.A.
Duration: 30..000 Sec

Included in Download
After effects 7.0 background generator all formats
project file
HD users
Simply choose the respective composition for export




Format: MP3
File size: 0.500 MB
Loop: Yes
Duration: 30.000 Sec
Included in pack download


Description: matching fonts for this menu pack (Various )



Format: TTF
File size: 0.500 MB
Included in pack Download

The HD pack will now be the standard for all our project releases
After extracting the download
STEP 1 install the supplied font
STEP 2 The HD DVD menus are located in the DVD menus folder simply select the menu you require both main menus are included
STEP 3 The after effects project extracts the background layer from the DVD menu and applies the relevant effects so if you wish to update this you can replace the background layer in each respective DVD menu
simply render the respective composition to obtain your DVD menu and scene background
STEP 4 assemble your project in Encore






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