Competition - Say it in 45 seconds


Say it ! : In 45 Seconds

Competition Details !
Its easy all you have to do is create a 45 second Video clip that would entice viewers to watch your following DVD presentation, perhaps you have already created one well enter it !
It can be any subject you wish, even a trailer for an existing movie, work area such kids play groups / xmas party or even as diverse as politic's or science fiction, the choice is yours, all credits will be given to the creator and entries will be displayed in this area.
With 1000's of media companies viewing this web site your creation might take you further than you think !!!

  • Entry requirements:
    Member Gold or Silver required to enter .
  • The Video submission must be minimum 320x240 pixels or Pal /NTSC format
  • It must be 45 seconds in duration complete with audio
  • Any content can be used in the submission as in the video above many of or motion backgrounds can be included.
  • Please use the enter link for submission upload info.
  • Categories : Beginner/intermediate/Professional
  • Group Entry Listings


Competition Judgement
we have issued special invites to judge this competition :
Further information will be posted shortly !

Submitted Entries

Further Details to be announced after 26th December 2006 Please log in here for information on how to view entry listing previews

Not a member ?
If you make a submission which receives a listing you will receive a free Silver Membership for 3 months simply use the Enter Link and send your submission and your entry will be appraised, if acceptable we will send you a link to register.


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Members Only Competition:


FIRST PRIZE -    $200
THIRD PRIZE -     $50


NON Members 
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Format: Any
File size: ?
Duration: 45.000 Sec
Audio : Yes


  • PAL :
  • NTSC
  • Min 320 x 240



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