Broadcast ? - Is the next generation for Advanced Professional Product development!
STARFIRE - This Limited time release Spectacular Wedding Package is available only to Broadcast Clients and will project any Videographer and Client to Professional status, setting a Trademark Standard for the Company
Available in Professional format Packages Engineered to Display vibrantly On PAL and NTSC TV Systems

What is included within the Production pack? /


What is included in the Bronze production pack
The bronze pack includes
- Adobe Encore 1.5 Prebuilt package assembler
(which is fully built to recreate main and Scene menus and audio)
- First play + Scene select Adobe Encore V1.5 DVD menus
-Both Main and Scene select Motion backgrounds DV format Video
-Motion background perfect loop audio track 45 Sec Mp3 format
Help File

What is is included in the Silver production pack
The silver pack includes all the components of the bronze pack
plus Adobe after effects v7.0 builder which allows the creation of the first play video play in to the DVD menu
What is is included in the Gold production pack
The Gold pack includes all the components of the Silver pack
But we will provide telephone assistance to ensure you get exactly what you want from the product, unless you are experienced in After Effects or Encore you should select this as your option
The relaxed assistance given will walk you through the process of recreating this package even if you are still learning.

How do i receive the telephone assistance
It is preferable that you advise us by E-mail if you perceive that you will utilise most of your Hour in one call this will ensure someone is available to provide the help you require ,alternatively , you may call between 9.00am and 8.00pm. GMT (Standard Area rates apply)
Contact numbers are provided with your purchase
We are confident that 1 hour will overcome the majority of issues raised by purchasers

Can I upgrade the bronze to Silver package later
Please consider carefully what you require as no upgrades are presently available

Getting Started
Digital Video Team membership will provide you a 50% Discount to any of the Broadcast Releases so think carefully before you buy .




What Software is required ? /


The downloads are only available in compressed RAR format
Please ensure You have installed the RAR Decompressor
it is available here

Adobe Photoshop is required all versions are suitable
The Bronze pack is specifically for Adobe Encore v1.5 onward
The Silver/Gold Pack is specifically for Adobe Encore 1.5 onward and respectively Adobe After Effects V7.0 onward.
Earlier versions of these softwares will not be able to utilise the builders.


Purchase and Download- Rights /

How can i pay
Paypal and Credit card are both accepted
After payment you will receive instant access to your Package
Members will be provided a download link which will require your current username and password.
Non members will be provided a username and password with the respective download link.

Can i use the video for business content
To use the Video for commercial use you must have a valid Digital Video Team Professional registration number this is provided on purchase of a professional Digital Video Team account.

Can i purchase the rights to any of the broad cast releases
The broadcast Team provide a commercial service
available here

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