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Ridgeback EXPO- A DVD menu created around a ridgeback Cycle theme with suitable motion and visual content will entice viewers to visit the site to download such an item for there own Sport theme video production full details are explained below.
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Manufacturers Exposure


What is this ?
The latest concept in advertising has been illustrated by the SAAB bio power TV commercial
The market designers portray the new SAAB with stunning visual graphics and a very unusual audio track

Many viewers liked the sound track so much they have been searching for the author and singer
Clever SAAB provided the track for download on the web site which had a massive effect on web site views and ratings and cohersed the association with SAAB to the track

To advance this concept not only are viewers searching for audio content but also video/graphic
for example

A DVD menu created around a ridgeback cycling theme with suitable motion and visual content
would entice viewers to visit the ridgeback site to download such an item for there own cycle theme video production.

We assemble the menu and motion backgrounds to Adobe Encore DVD software applications and provide the manufacturer a download link for all visitors.

Manufacturers Simply provide the concept/content and we will generate a preview for your inspection
suggesting that the manufacturers logo be hard encoded to some part of the menu
This is a great expansion for already costly footage and images bought by TV advertisers, putting it to its full use

Get your companies Promotional DVD Menu /
Membership is required
There after simply provide us the concept and content and we will take your product to the next level by providing a fully assembled package for your visitors to use



What Software is required ? /


The downloads are only available in compressed RAR format
Please ensure You have installed the RAR Decompressor
it is available here
The package includes
Adobe Encore 1.5 Prebuilt package assembler
(which is fully built to recreate main and Scene menus and audio)

  • First play Adobe Encore V1.5 DVD menus
  • Motion background WMV format Video
  • Motion background audio track 60 Sec Mp3 format
  • Font
  • Help File

(PAL 1.09 and NTSC 0.90 versions included in pack)

Download- Rights /

Can i use the video for business content ?
Due to the content personal use only
Digital Video Team are granted the right to host any relevent menu created from this area.

Can you produce a concept for my company ?
The broadcast Team provide a commercial service
available here


limited Time Downloads will be available so download ASAP!

Digital Video Team Group Division