Project 9 : Preview


Planet earth : Project A/F - 9

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Title: Planet Earth - TV level broadcast effects project
Description: A Comprehensive Video package containing all necessary videos and images to recreate this broadcast movie effect , an absolute must for your Toolbox, the project is fully assembled and will instantly recreate the presentation however it is easy to include your own images or video , the fades and masks are inbuilt to the project so its as easy as it comes.
view the preview below for video made in minutes with this project the story line can include many examples and the wonderful handwritten text effect is included so we have supplied a separate comprehensive tutorial on how to achieve this great effect, start at this point first of all to learn the text handwriting effect (tutorial Folder)

Software: After Effects - Version 7.0 required


Format: A/F 7.0
File size: 14.00 MB

Formats Available:

  • PAL :



Title: Planet Earth

Description: We used this particular project as an opportunity to express our thoughts on a very important issue, with member support we are sure this might have a much more far reaching effect than just a video project ,send this to your friends and family and further this contribution worldwide. SUPPORT THE PLANET EARTH TEAM.




Format: A/F 7.0 Builder
File size: 14.00 MB
Duration: 90.000 Sec

- A/F 7.0 builder
- Bkgrd Video holders (3) PSD
- Text images (1) PSD
- Effect images (2) PSD
- Audio (1) Mp3 Format
- Font (3)
- + Text Tutorial pack

NTSC Conversion instructions
in forum


Project : Details

Contributor : DigitalVideo Team

This package allows the recreation of the complete effect above
and includes image holders for your content

Firstly All fonts should be installed from the fonts folder
Start with the handwritten text tutorial there is a separate folder provided in the download with a complete guide on this, read the PDF document included with the project files
It requires a bit of study to master the technique, however once you have !
open the after effects planet earth project

To include your text
Open each composition and locate the text layer highlight and enter your text

To include your images

preview the project this will illustrate where your images or video will be displayed
each image or video is indicated in the asset panel simply select replace footage and locate your required image or video each are numbered to match.
The background images are included, again use the replace asset feature to replace the background video holder should you wish

The final composition assembles comp 1-4 as the final builder simply render this project when complete to achieve your movie

No doubt you can see the versatility of this project for other themes a great and simple way to achieve great results

All Videos and images are included in visual numbered format

The download is in compressed RAR format.

We used this project in many themes this is just one example!
So get creative and enter a version in competition

"Robert Dickie" 28/11/06

Colin will talk you though any help aspects in the forum simply start a thread in the After Effects exchange area here
NTSC project instructions are available in this area
HD is coming! - so start a post requesting your favourite menus and backgrounds and we will attempt to upload these ASAP



Help File
Included in main download       

File size: 0.00 MB



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