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First grader : Project A/F - 18

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Title: First Grader Family Fun

Description: A Comprehensive Video package containing all necessary videos and images to recreate this great effect , its easy to include your own text and video, the paths are inbuilt to the project so its as easy as it comes.
This is a great Family fun intro and DVD menu pack effect
The package is fully comprehensive and includes some creative videos and a DV version of the motion background and all audio including a non vocal version of the track :)
This further advances our tutorial series, once again we are assembling a first play menu and the package includes Both main and Scene Select Encore DVD menus this effect utilises many of the new after effects text effects so get creative
If your house is as mad as ours you will appreciate the fun side !
Please note this is for personal use only due to the content :)

Software: After Effects - Version 7.0 required


Format: A/F 7.0
File size: 65.00 MB

Formats Available:

  • PAL



Title: First grader

Description: A Great prebuilt Fun family Package its just for fun ofcourse , the effects included are unique for a fun pack The Encore first play and scene select menus with all DV format videos are included




Format: A/F 7.0 Builder
File size: 65.00 MB
Duration: 60.000 Sec

- A/F 7.0 builder
- Enc DVD 1st Play Menu (1) PSD
- Enc DVD SS Menu (1) PSD
- Background Video (1) MSDV
- Effect Image (1) PSD
- Video Holders 4) PSD
- Audio (4) Mp3 Format
- Font (1)

NTSC Conversion instructions
in forum


Project : Details

Contributor : Digital Video Team


This package allows the recreation of the complete effect above
The after Effects project contains currently the PAL composition

Firstly install the fonts supplied in the download

Open the source file/Encore dvd menus/chick_enc_pal.psd
This is the first play dvd menu video
and change the text layers to your requirement do not create any additional layers in this file

After saving the files (do not rename)
Open the after effects project firstgrader.aep

To change the initial text entries choose composition 1 and alter the text repeat this process for comp 1-6
It is Best to preview the project first of all to identify where the various text entries will appear
The scene video titles are located in the final composition simply locate the text layer and edit the respective text entry

The final composition will compile your complete first play video
The DVD menu background is up to you there are several options use the supplied video background or the image in the DVd menu have fun here

To include your Videos .
Simply use the replace footage feature from the asset panel to replace the respective video holders 1-4
they are clearly numbered

We have also included the audio in the after effects composition so this can be exported with your movie

The download is in compressed RAR format.

Colin will talk you though any help aspects in the forum simply start a thread in the After Effects exchange area here
NTSC project instructions are available in this area
HD is coming! - so start a post requesting your favourite menus and backgrounds and we will attempt to upload these ASAP



Help File
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