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Retro Wedding : Project A/F - 16

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Title: Retro Wedding

Description: A Comprehensive Video package containing all necessary videos and images to recreate this Timeless effect , its easy to include your own text and video, the paths are inbuilt to the project so its as easy as it comes.
This is truly beautiful effect on TV and is ideal for members looking to recreate older style weddings .
The package is fully comprehensive and includes some dynamically sized images and a DVD version of the silk motion background
This is the next step in our tutorial series once again we are assembling a first play menu and the package includes Both main and Scene Select Encore DVD menus
Advance your technique with this package

Software: After Effects - Version 7.0 required


Format: A/F 7.0
File size: 35.00 MB

Formats Available:

  • PAL



Title: Retro Wedding

Description: A Great prebuilt Wedding Package the effects included are remarkable for a Retro style Wedding That will captivate your audience
Any users wishing this video created please E-mail us and we will compile the video for you with the relevant DVD menus this is ideal gift for your Parents




Format: A/F 7.0 Builder
File size: 35.00 MB
Duration: 45.000 Sec

- A/F 7.0 builder
- Enc DVD 1st Play Menu (1) PSD
- Enc DVD SS Menu (1) PSD
- Background Video (1) MSDV
- Effect Images (2) PSD
- Audio (1) Mp3 Format
- Font (2)

NTSC Conversion instructions
in forum


Project : Details

Contributor : Digital Video Team


This package allows the recreation of the complete effect above
The after Effects project contains currently the PAL composition

Firstly install the fonts supplied in the download
This project requires a little preparation work
Open the source file/images/bkgrd.psd
This is the certificate of marriage
and change the text layers to your requirement do not create any additional layers in this file
Open the source file/enc_DVD_menu//retro_enc_pal.psd
this is the first play menu
Change the text layers in the text folder to your requirement the links can also be altered here again be careful not to create any additional layers
IMPORTANT you must include your Photo here
This is best done by using oval selection tool with a feather of 20 pixels try to paste your image to match the my photo layer Once you achieved this delete the your photo layer and rename your layer to my photo as per existing be careful not to disturb the layer order ie your image layer should be in the exact same position and name as the original layer with no extra layers
Repeat this process for the scene select menu
Ask Colin in the forum if you require help on this

After saving both files (do not rename)
Open the after effects project retro_enc_pal.psd

To change the image simply use the replace footage feature from the asset panel Video1.psd
It is Best to preview the project first of all to identify where the various text entries will appear
Try and create your video1.psd file with similar layout to the provided image

The final composition will compile your complete first play video
The DVD menu composition will render the Encore DVDmenu backgrounds

To include your background Video .
Simply use the replace footage facility in the asset panel
and replace the background video holder

With a little work this will be one of the most rewarding Productions you can obtain

The download is in compressed RAR format.

Colin will talk you though any help aspects in the forum simply start a thread in the After Effects exchange area here
NTSC project instructions are available in this area
HD is coming! - so start a post requesting your favourite menus and backgrounds and we will attempt to upload these ASAP



Help File
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File size: 0.00 MB



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