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Car Tour 4:3 pack
Using 4:3 Footage in HD productions

29/08/2009 Car Tour Pack

1. Real World Project

Many videographers have a lot of 4:3 pal footage which is now becoming difficult to use in modern displays
We have a solution for this which will allow you integrate this footage within a template displaying at 16:9 format, the template allows simultaneous display of the video with images and text scroller content
to visualise the concept which we used on a recent classic car event shoot
The after effects builder provided will allow simple replacement of your 4:3 video
and substitution of the image holders -
combine this with your scroller entry and logos and a professional production package can be obtained

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Project file - V7.0


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HD1280 + 1920 are suitable for both HD and SD wide screen productions encore will auto import this menu as a WS format to a SD project more... Canopus HQ codec required