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The premier site for the world's finest DVD REAL PRESENCE CONTENT
see for yourself  all our work is produced to this standard.

For a DVD to stand out, it needs a high quality menu that does the content justice
You will find this in our Pinnacle studio Area
Robert Dickie ( Managing Director ) Quote:
"Our content will simply help improve your own DVD production to a much higher standard, by providing professional content that you can tailor to a unique and personal requirement.
The internet may offer seemingly more attractive packages 500 of this and that but in reality a flagship product is born from a unique design concept, experience will demonstrate that our products are a unique brand, you may try other alternatives but when it comes to the final TV display the difference in "real presence" will bring you back To Video Team Products
The proof of this concept is provided by a recent request from Pinnacle Systems to provide templates for the next release of Studio ! " .
Locator Click to view area Compatible with all Studio products including : Studio Ultimate 11
Latest DVD menus This area contains The very latest DVD menu and matching motion background designs providing downloads and inspiration for your own DVD projects
unless otherwise stated the Motion content is in Windows WMV format compatible with Pinnacle Studio
Latest motion backgrounds Windows WMV Motion backgrounds for Pinnacle studio
Button packs Additional creative design buttons for Pinnacle studio
training Training and help are of the utmost importance, this area captures issues raised by members and passes all of the learning curve to you in a simplistic fashion
  When you open an account for Studio you have unlimited download access for 1 month from the Studio area for only $19.99 [US] - £10.70 [UK]
Due to the growing strength of member subscribers we are now able to offer Discount vouchers for various alternative products and even other motion background sites
This area is being developed and having a membership with DVT will also provide you with a discount card to a wide variety of other sotwares and web sites - 12/01/07 RED Giant offer 10%
   PHONE ASSISTANCE Don't be stuck, the phone help lines will overcome any obstacle that you have found and ensure you obtain the destination goal.

We receive many 100's of customer compliments and suggestions which we could list here
instead read this quote from a visitor which speaks most vigorously
Customers Quote:
This site changes almost every day, i have trouble finding some things,
but what can most easily be found are the unique ideas's !
and they are
bright and wild and beautiful "

Help us to continue support for you by becoming a member
this is the only way for us to maintain and progress this service

ensuring that you, get the very best product available at an affordable price
and more importantly a product improved on a daily basis.

Digital video Team are proud to announce that we are currently assisting DVD menu and motion background product development with Companies such as

We would like take this opportunity to thank them for their support to date it's very much appreciated.



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