This effect requires adobe After Effects V7.0
  The project creates a realistic video image effect

The effect is created from a photoshop newspaper image file - open the source files/images/paper.psd file and add/edit your text entries and replace the 3 images shown with your content - view the tutorial

STEP 2 Install the sure target plugin provided in the download for After effects
do this by copying the suretarget.aex file to your aftereffects/plugin folder
STEP3 Open the AFX builder and replace the video holders for the 3 overlay video effects you can at this point Render the video..........
However using the new sure target by following the timeline guidance you can creatively
adjust the pan and zoom of this effect use the key frames for guidance then adjust each null layer position to alter the motion

Fonts, images and all video effects shown are included in this download
HQ Codec is available to download here