This effect requires adobe After Effects V7.0
  It creates a realistic production with very little time and editing

You will require to replace all the image holders with your content
use the holders as a guide for the image content as you replace each
A sepia effect is applied to the images as shown
load the old photo action from the download into photoshop and apply the hard sepia
effect to each of the images then for the frame image also apply the frame effect action
save your images view the Spirit tutorial here for guidance
open the after effects builder and use the replace footage feature to replace the provided image holders with your own images/video then edit the text layer as required finally render the compiled effect The photo moving display has a separate image holder folder system.

Project is provided in HD1280 format useable in WS projects by altering the output format

Font audio effects and all video effects are included in download
canopus HQ codec required