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This special release project is provided in PAL DV+ NTSC DV
The project is created from the After effects builder provided and is also offered to the general public as a production DVD service.


A Visually Brilliant Remembrance Video Package
Audio overlay from Robert Burns and Enya
Video effects based around the gladiator type scenes
and other landscapes
An Emotional time to remember !

Offered as a production service to everyone ...

Dedicated To J.MCK from Nancy


NOTE: Please be patient the video wil buffer for 60seconds....




Lets get started:

Download the project files
Firstly the background video has been encoded with canopus HQ codec,we have included this within the download so if you do not have this codec on your system install the canopus codec from the canopus folder

THE PROJECT tribute_final.afx
it is best to examine the After Effects project to view final output before trying to include your images, so do this first, when you are familiar proceed:
Select the composition format either PAL or NTSC

Inserting your images:

The first step is to replace each of the effect images with your content
there are 8 images to be replaced each must be the same pixel size as the original, it is best to view each in photoshop to examine dimensions and content, try to retain character positions close to the original - then you can either replace the image using the same file name or use the replace footage feature of After Effects to replace the videoholders 1-8 from the assets panel.

Inserting your video clip :

If you have examined the project you will notice we have used our newspaper video clip, there is a project for this effect on the web site, however you can use any clip of video you wish which must be pal or ntsc and min 20 seconds duration, when complete use the replace footage feature to replace the newspaper.avi from the video effects folder, the respective pal or ntsc version must be substituted.

simply replace the text content with your requirements by clicking on each repective text layer in the composition and entering your text wording
The project is now ready to be rendered, audio is included in the timeline so the final output will create the effect you have viewed.

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