Welcome to our Masterclass monthly HD 1280 720 projects for OCTOBER 2007 - Available to our Professional members
Please note these downloads will only be available for a limited time period so be sure to save all content these are not listed on our web site be quick !

Diamond Ballet    45 Second dance of light effect
This Real World effect is provided in HD format with all Encore HD menus and After effects background constructor V7.0 onward
The purpose of this package is to allow creation of a functional DVD HD menu which will include your wedding image and details within the menu design shown above
You will require to have after effects v7.0 or later together with adobe encore and photoshop HD capable

LETS get started, for this project you will learn to work between Photoshop and After effects
STEP 1  Download  the pack which includes all necessary files including the illustrated motion background
STEP 2 install the supplied font
STEP 3 open the ballet.aep file into after effects
This technique utilises a single image (PSD) which is overlayed with video light effects which you can see above.
Have a look at the composition layers, the image was imported and then in the composition it has been overlayed firstly by a grey solid layer to create the required light bleed level in the right hand panel
Then the light effect video is overlayed using the layer blend mode screen, to remove all colour a hue and saturation filter has been applied.
this video effect has also been masked to localise the areas of the image which are subject to the effect and a feather was applied to the mask to create the visual edge fading of the light wave, the mask can be seen by clicking on the layer in the timeline and by opening the mask settings you can identify the profile of the mask and also note, that a vertical and horizontal feather of around 100-200 has been applied.
by moving the mask shape, an increase or decrease can be obtained to the extent of this visual effect.
The rising light particles was a video created in illusion and then overlayed using the layer blend mode screen, a hue and saturation filter was also added to remove all colour
STEP 4 inserting your footage

The composition is relatively simple however you are required to manually insert your wedding couple image into the DVD menu, to do this -
open into photoshop the dvd menu ballet_enc_hd.psd
expand the photo folder to reveal the photo layer shown
it is the key to easily including your own image.

please ensure make sure to retain the frame layer order together with layer names

STEP 4a - open any image you wish to use in photo shop
From the photoshop menu choose select - All then Edit copy merged
this will place your image in the clipboard switch to the filmstrip image
STEP 4b open the layers panel as shown opposite
mouse click on the Photo layer to make it active as shown in blue

STEP 4c CTRL+ mouse click on the image layer thumb to load the image selection as shown, Ensure you click the image thumbnail as illustrated with the hand cursor over the thumbnail.
if you complete this correctly the photo will be highlighted with the selection border
STEP 4d Choose Edit - paste into This will paste your image into the selection creating a new layer 1 as shown in image 2
choose edit- transform - scale to adjust the size of your image to the correct visual appearance use the drag handles to resize to fit the existing window.
press enter to apply the transformation. It may be advisable to remove from view the existing photo layer using the eye layer check box to allow visual perfection of this.
When complete drag the existing photo layer to the bin below then rename your layer photo (this is not essential but useful to identify your image in encore double click on the text to complete this)
NOTE the colour effect we used on the image is very simple to achieve using the selection tool with a 10 pixel feather select the area to which you want to preserve the colour- then choose selection - inverse then choose image - adjustments - hue and saturation and set the saturation slider to -100.
save the file when complete.



STEP 5 return to after effects and click the hd 1280 720 composition
STEP 6 export the composition by adding to render queue the export format is really to your preference
please note that this will create the motion video background which will be imported to encore to act as the menu background.

STEP 7 open adobe encore and create a new HD 1280 720 25 project then import as a menu- the File ballet_enc_hd.psd
import as an asset your created motion background and the audio if you wish from the dvd menus and audio folders

STEP 8 using the pick whip tool select the respective imported asset for the video and audio menu backgrounds

The project is now ready to accept all your content

MASTERCLASS - These projects are pixel perfect we guarantee that what you see is what you get + more,
if however, any problems arise in your production we will, within 24 hours have this rectified to your satisfaction !.

Robert Dickie
Digital Video Team Managing Director