Welcome to our Masterclass monthly HD 1280 720 projects for OCTOBER 2007 - Available to our Professional members
Please note these downloads will only be available for a limited time period so be sure to save all content these are not listed on our web site be quick !

Adventure    50 Second duration twin view video window
This Real World effect is provided in HD format with all Encore HD menus and After effects background constructor V7.0 onward
The purpose of this package is to allow creation of a functional DVD HD menu which will include the twin video effect shown above
replacing the video shown with your content ( Pal DV content) in each of the respective video windows.
You will require to have after effects v7.0 or later together with adobe encore and photoshop HD capable

LETS get started
STEP 1  Download  the pack which includes all necessary files including the illustrated motion background
STEP 2 install the supplied font
STEP 3 open the adventure.aep file into after effects
This package will allow use of Standard PAL or NTSC video within an HD package
The video prepare composition will enable you to accurately place your clip (if over 60seconds) to display in the effect, this is not really necessary if you compile a 60 second PAL DV clip ready for import however if other video formats are imported this composition will allow scaling of the import video to suit the frame if required.
The HD 1280 composition creates the final output
The text layer can be edited by opening the text composition
The red solid layer creates the red overlay on the left via multiply layer blending
The particle light layers video was created in illusion and screened over the right video window to create the effect,
starglow has been added to enhance the appearance.
The black solid layer acts as a definate barrier between the video windows
The Video effect is multiple copies of your original video one original on the left and 2 copies on the right one copy has a time delay setting creating the delayed appearance with a horizontally flipped ghost second layer to create the echo effect, several effects have been added to the right window including blur starglow to achieve the final effect
The colour effect layer is a psd image which you can adjust in photoshop this produces the white to black contrast effect the clip by adjusting the hue and saturation or transparency of this, the effect overall grain can be changed.
Trapcode products starglow, particular create the haze image effects whilst used it is not essential for this project.
STEP 4 inserting your footage
Please remember that this is an HD 1280 x 720 composition square pixel, however the imported footage is PAL DV 720 576 so ensure any footage you wish to use is in this format. (if not you may have to adjust the scale setting in the Video prepare composition)
Create in your video editor a 60 second video clip which can include all content and effects
From the project window open the import video folder
Simply right click on the your video holder and choose replace footage - file, then direct the menu to your footage, please ensure that any video footage has a minimum time duration of 60s to suit this composition, at this point notice how both compositions now contain your footage
Open the text composition and enter your text
thats it and you have a magical effect in seconds ! - Masterclass
STEP 5 export the composition by adding to render queue the export format is really to your preference
please note that this will create the motion video background which will be imported to encore to act as the menu background.

STEP 6 open adobe encore and create a new HD 1280 720 25 project then import as a menu- the File adventure_enc_hd.psd
import as an asset your created motion background and the audio if you wish from the dvd menus and audio folders

STEP 7 using the pick whip tool select the respective imported asset for the video and audio menu backgrounds

The project is now ready to accept all your content

This could be used for many themes sport, competition or challenge so get creative

Robert Dickie

MASTERCLASS - These projects are pixel perfect we guarantee that what you see is what you get + more,
if however, any problems arise in your production we will, within 24 hours have this rectified to your satisfaction !.

Robert Dickie
Digital Video Team Managing Director