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By exporting from after effects in square pixel format (PAL WS dimensions - 1024 576), or (NTSC WS dimensions - 854 480), true format video output alternatives can be obtained,
Any DVD menu is simply resized within photoshop to square pixel PAL WS 1024 576,or NTSC WS 854 480
Choose nearest neighbour from the resample image drop box to preserve hilite layers.
minor adustments to the readable text size can be completed within Encore V1.0 onward on project compiling.
Visit the Adobe encore forum for latest suggestions on this concept

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 GIA  A Broadcast special time limited release. Now on Line
A simple AFter Effects pack and DVD MENU which allows your image in the effect shown and it's gorgeous!
PAL, NTSC and HD1280 Versions provided with all images, audio fonts etc.
Utilise the techniques used to promote the world's most beautiful lady.

Do not use After effects? - then enquire about our Gia video duplication service, simply provide us 1 image! - we will do it for you.
This project is suitable for many themes, political, sport, expression etc.


Pro members and single buyers - Tutorial and downloads available here



We have opened the doors to some of our older screened broadcast projects
So have a look now

And our most popular menu well that's Starfire have a look and see why





LAST UPDATED 14/11/2007

  A new range of Wedding Effects is coming soon for videographers...

J'Adore  A new range in advanced image effects

We are constantly improving the format of our after effects projects for useability and many improvements have been made from earlier versions based on feedback making it easier than ever for everyone to use these visually enhanced packs.
We are about to release a new range of packages and would like your thoughts on how best to provide these to you our member, please talk to us regarding improvements you would like, a preview of the content type is available for all viewers
further progress can now only be made by feedback ....

Pro members - Preview available here

ON DEMAND- Generated 12/11/2007 Now on Line   now on line ... 12/11/2007
Still thinking about the luxury theme requested soon....
Pro member: James - Digital art illustration required for a Museum real world theme, i am like Bob not very used to AFX so simple please !

A vitual reality Digital art gallery suitable for many themes..
it allows generation of a motion background with 8 images which are jpgs imported from the images folder simply replace these with your images of the same dimension then render the AF timeline, read the tutorial here, all components DVD menu and motion background are included.
illustrating excellence in glass plate video projection fade in and out effects.

Pro members - Preview and downloads available here

Information: Member Only viewing restrictions apply to the remainder of this area
  Midnight Blue - illustration only

Pro member: Screened - A motion background and menu concept for a sensual theme ! NEW CONCEPT FOR 2008

Midnight Blue

2008 future Real life concepts .......................
Our best design to date and if you are a member you will know it's good !
A very subtle illusion of a sensual concept .

Coming soon our first ever ! complete playable DVD demonstration
Reserve the saturday night spot, things are heating Up !!!!
by quite a few degrees !!!
NO children allowed :)

Pro member: Bob - Robert i am very much a family person anything in this theme would be appreciated i am not very good with After Effects so as easy as possible
ON DEMAND- Generated 08/11/2007 Now on Line   now on line ... 08/11/2007

Hi Bob heres the concept for this , it allows generation of a motion background with 6 images which are jpgs imported from the images folder simply replace these with your images of the same dimension then render the AF timeline, read the tutorial here, all components DVD menu and motion background are included.
Pro members - Preview and downloads available here

Pro member: Jake - Hi Robert Your site is a great source of concepts and as you provide the builders i can achieve what i see not just think about it
Best site around. I have a corporate theme to cover as we discussed with a dynamic modern feel
ON DEMAND- Generated 05/11/2007 Now on Line    

Hi Jake heres the concept for this, The package includes a HD DVD menu with an After Effects HD motion background generator, use the replace footage feature of AF to replace the your video holder with your clip at least 40Second duration,export the timeline which will create the motion background for the Adobe Encore Menu
Please note the import footage is PAL DV however
alternate footage can be imported merely adjust the scale to fit the window within the adj composition.
Pro members - The main menu and AF background generator can be downloaded here

Pro member: Dave - is it possible to design an animated effect Wedding Chapter link for each chapter, that i can easily customise and include my Photo and text content.
ON DEMAND- Generated 19/10/2007 Now on Line      Now on Line ...


Hi Dave - Chapter intro with light wipe effect .
Heres my design idea for this, it is based around a photoshop image to which you can include your content then create each chapter animation to keep the theme throughout the DVD .
It should be very quick and easy to create each animation by following the simple instructions provided.
1280 720 HD video effect as shown with after effects motion background generator and fonts.

 Pro members - Click Here for animation preview with tutorials & package downloads

Absolutely spectacular effect- awsome, this template its one of the finest i have seen to date, would it be possible to include a main menu to make this a complete theme pack?

Pro members - The main menu and AF background generator can be downloaded here
Simply replace the images in the photos layer folder with your content using the process described above, then open the AF background generator and render the video.
( please note the AF file includes the images so these will need to be hidden from view when compiling in Encore

Pro member: Joe - Strathendrick Rotary Club
Videography opportunities for Charity purposes
ON DEMAND- Generated 18/10/2007 Now on Line   now on line ...


Strathendrick Rotary Club are responsible for many charity supporting events
throughout the year, amongst which are various classic car tours and other fund raising events, This represents opportunities for videographer filming so please support by visiting their web site and checking out the next events, you will be made more than welcome and funds raised go to many different charities.
Joe Norman a member of the club has one of the finest collection of classic cars in the area, one of his collection a jaguar E-type was recently featured on BBC television castle in the country
To view the television feature and filming techniques click here
so if you are looking for that special clip of footage contact Digital Video Team and we will put you in touch.

Charity funding goes to various sources including :
Eye Camps             Wateraid           Wheelchair Foundation

Pro members - Click Here to download 1280 720 HD illustrated menu downloads.


Pro member: Leyland Transport Museum - Support Required
ON DEMAND- Generated 13/10/2007 Now on Line   now on line ...


Digital Video Team would like to invite our members to support this site
The staff at the Museum most of whom are unpaid, spent many months transferring the Leyland Glass plate photography to digital files, and there a few gems hidden within the Museum collection, in fact you might find a family member filmed with local transport shots, Hotels and pubs could benefit from a set of wall prints illustrating the High quality of this content, at the moment prints only are available , we are pushing for digital downloads to become available to fund the Museum, as DVD enthusiasts the scope here is good content, for family heritage or national interest.
If you visit the museum or buy a print from their site, this menu is offerred free to download simply send us your purchase number or copy of your pass ticket and we send the file via E-mail .
Or ask at the museum reception for the download link.
Visit the image collection here

Pro members - Click Here for quality preview plus menu downloads
Files now on line....

adobe encore cs3 HD capable required
Note: Static DVD menu can used as standalone in encore for HD and WS

anyone else got some thoughts ?
If you do buy or visit the Museum please mention our request for digital downloads. we will showcase the images free of charge

Pro member: Steve Canopus Japan - Hi Robert Want to catch up with my life with canopus in Japan, read the blog it is progressing very well.
ON DEMAND- Generated 12/10/2007Now on Line   downloads now on line...

Hi Steve - The Wises Do Japan great name and the content is excellent,
heres an HD menu pack so you can compile a DVD to send, actually you should think about a production for this
I put a holder image in the centre however if you send the images + logos in japanese i will include these, recently we included a falling blossom animation generator to the background and a video centre window with image option.
You need to view this on a HD screen it comes to life!.
Pro members - Click Here for quality preview with overview plus menu & background downloads

After effects v7.0 on required with adobe encore cs3 HD capable
Note: Static DVD menu can used as standalone in encore for HD and WS

anyone else got some thoughts ?

Pro member: Ryan - Robert i have a Pentax photo colllection of images i would like to present to DVD
could you create a transparent menu around these images with options for categories.
ON DEMAND- Generated 10/10/2007   being replaced very soon ....

Hi Ryan - Pentax
Heres my design idea for this based around pentax 1280 720 version

adobe encore cs3 HD capable menu as shown with image replace action and fonts

 Pro members - Click Here for quality preview with tutorials & menu downloads

anyone else got some thoughts ? before we replace this!
User comments 10/07/2007
Ryan: very colourful on TV , the action works great and keeps all the effects identical, good design thanks.

Pro member: Paul - Hi Robert i have a colllection of F1 clips i would like to assemble to DVD could you design a menu around this image.
ON DEMAND- Generated 07/10/2007   being replaced very soon ....

Hope this meets your requirement 1280 720 version with video window as the center image
adobe encore cs3 HD capable menu as shown have included fonts

Pro members -  Click Here to download

User comments 09/07/2007
Paul: This looked basic but when displayed on HD TV it is spacially stunning great job , the effect is a pro design thanks.



The main and scene select menus and motion backgrounds are free so have fun
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