LIVE - NOVEMBER 2007     J'adore
Welcome to our Live HD 1280 720 projects for NOVEMBER 2007 - Available to our Professional members
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J'adore   45 Second duration image effect motion dvd menu
This Real World menu is provided in HD format with all Encore HD menus
The purpose of this package is to allow creation of a functional DVD HD menu which will include your images in the respective windows
You will require to have adobe encore after effects and photoshop HD capable

Remember your feedback is required, we have a new range of visual image effects in development, for many themes so,
if you would like to use them - talk to us !
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LETS get started
STEP 1  Download  the pack which includes all necessary files
STEP 2 install the supplied font
STEP 3 open the jadore_generator.afx file into after effects
STEP 4 inserting your footage

This is a very simplistic method to use

If you wish to use the First Play menu build video
Please ensure that all text changes are made to the DVD menu prior to rendering the motion background menu assembler
The AF project assembles the project from the Photoshop DVD menu file.

The After effects project uses the 8 jpg images located in the image holder folder named
image top left 1-4 (700 x 465) and
bot-right 1-4 (305 x 400) respectively
All you need do is replace each of these with an image the same size and same file name
once you have completed this restart the AF project and render the timeline, the output motion background is the used within encore main and scene select DVD menus supplied.

The After Effects file contains 2 projects a first play menu assembler builder and the motion background generator for the DVD menus.


15/11/2007 10.00 am GMT
Love the look of the J'Adore project.  One slight observation is that I would prefer it to be slightly faster paced (fantastic for the first viewing but might be frustrating for the end user after a while).  Just my views, but I look forward to downloading the final project - looks great.

Hi Dean
Good to hear from you
Yes the preview is intended only as a first play assembly introduction to the dvd menu, a separate background will be be provided for the looping DVD menu

LIVE - These projects are pixel perfect we guarantee that what you see is what you get + more,
if however, any problems arise in your production we will, within 24 hours have this rectified to your satisfaction !.

Robert Dickie
Digital Video Team Managing Director