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This special release project is provided in PAL DV, NTSC DV and HD 1280 720
The project is created from the After effects builder provided



A simplistic AF project which will allow creation of a first play video and also the adobe encore motion background for the relevant menu provided.

By simply replacing one image this project can include your content and it includes all fonts audio etc to reach the desired effect

You will require a facial image similar to the illustration with a pixel dimension preferably larger than 1000 * 1200 pixels, the project will enhance your provided image so as natural and clear as possible



We have opened the doors to some of our older screened broadcast projects
So have a look now

And our most popular menu well that's Starfire have a look and see why



Lets get started:

Download the project files

install the provided fonts

it is best to examine the After Effects project to view final output before trying to include your image so do this first, when you are familiar proceed:
Inserting your image:
The first and most important is the creation of your image which will be used in the project
open into photoshop from the(footage) background folder giaused.psd

the original image we used is shown opposite


by using the magnetic lasso tool make a selection on your image defining a similar area to that shown
once you have completed the selection

  • choose select modify contract by 12 pixels
  • choose select feather 12 pixels
  • choose select inverse


  • add a new layer
  • fill selection area with black

if you complete this correctly your image should be similar to the one shown opposite

  • remove the current selection CTRL +D
  • choose select all
  • choose edit copy merged
  • this will place your image in the clipboard
  • switch to giaused.psd
  • and choose edit paste
  • choose edit transform to fit the image
  • IMPORTANT try to match as best as possible the position of the eyes nose and mouth we did this by making our pasted image layer 50% transparent and obtained the best setting
  • When you are complete save giaused.psd

 You are now ready to approach the After Effects composition open gia.aep

  • choose the project format required ie PAL DV composition and preview the project examine all areas to compare the result of your image result as against the original image
  • The *ADJUSTMENT folder contains the initial adjust composition which allows movement of the image do this to get the best possible match throughout the timeline adjust the scale and position as necessary withthe drag handles.
  • The dvd menu text composition will generate the text visible in the DVD menu simply adjust each text as required, it is important to remember that the Encore dvd menu contains no text merely a highlight so you have to input your DVD menu text requirement at this point
  • The other text compositions contain all other text content simply edit each text layer in the respective composition.
  • Each of the compositions is self described ie the PAL DV 1st play will create the initial menu build and the PAL DV encore backgrd composition will create the Encore DVD Menu background
  • The audio is included to each timeline and can be included in the final rendered output
  • after you have completed all rendering the various output videos can be imported into Encore with the provided DVD Menu for compiling

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