LIVE - 2008     Impact
Welcome to our Live HD 1280 720 projects for APRIL 2008 - Available to our Professional members
Please note these downloads will only be available for a limited time period so be sure to save all content these are not listed on our web site be quick !

CYCLING    40 Second duration image effect static dvd menu
This Real World menu is provided in HD format with all Encore HD menus
The purpose of this package is to allow creation of a functional DVD HD menu which will include your background
You will require to have adobe encore and photoshop HD capable

LETS get started
STEP 1  Download  the pack which includes all necessary files
STEP 2 install the supplied font
STEP 3 open the cycling..afx file into after effects
STEP 4 inserting your footage

This project can be rendered as is, in After effects to create the motion background for the DVD menu provided within encore

If you wish to include your own background simply replace the background layer in photoshop before opening the after effects pack and this will be updated on load of the AF pack.

Robert Dickie

LIVE - These projects are pixel perfect we guarantee that what you see is what you get + more,
if however, any problems arise in your production we will, within 24 hours have this rectified to your satisfaction !.

Robert Dickie
Digital Video Team Managing Director