LIVE - MARCH 2008     Alpha wipes
Alpha simple and easy but producing effects that set new standards
Please note these downloads will only be available for a limited time period so be sure to save all content these are not listed on our web site be quick !

Alpha Wipes   3-  10 Second duration video overlays
This Real World transition is provided in compiled video format HD PAL and NTSC
The purpose of this package is to allow the recreation of the transition effect shown above between 2 videos

The supplied compiled video is simply imported to your video editor and overlayed above the respective videos
by setting the video blend mode to SCREEN the effect will be generated.


Precompiled effect videos
You will need the canopus HQ codec get it here
HD 1280 720 3 Video effects included within the Transition Pack as shown above (28mb)
PAL DV         3 Video effects included within the Transition Pack (11mb)
NTSC DV      3 Video effects included within the Transition Pack (11mb)

each pack contains Light flare, Light burst and spiral wipe effect video overlays in Canopus HQ format.

Robert Dickie

LIVE - These projects are pixel perfect we guarantee that what you see is what you get + more,
if however, any problems arise in your production we will, within 24 hours have this rectified to your satisfaction !.

Robert Dickie
Digital Video Team Managing Director