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Flow Red Render time 2 minutes (5Mb)

This precomposed project will allow the recreation of the transition effect shown between any 2 videos via After Effects

By replacing the provided video holders and editing the text layer your videos will be project composed to this effect
Download the wmv 1280 sample to fully view the effect (3Mb)


Install the provided fonts then open the af flowred.aep project and preview the effect to gain understanding of the composition.


Step one use the replace footage feature of After effects to substitute the video holders provided.
Step two
Tip by providing a video adjustment composition for each clip you can import larger videos and use the timeline dragg to position of the clip of video you require to the transition point

The standard for video is hd1280 720, however this preview was compiled from pal format, in order to allow this we have provided a video adjustment composition for each video by opening the video 1 adjustment composition after replacing the video footage you can scale the video to best fit this composition window, this must be repeated for video 2
hence other video formats can easily be used.
after replacing the 2 videos and ensuring each fits the respective adjustment composition we can move on.

Step Three Open the the video 1 adjustment composition and dragg your video to the indicated transition point

Step Four from the main hd1280 composition enter the text content as indicated on the timeline

Step Five Your effect is now ready to be compiled.

  ................... Gold Professional account required