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Trapcode shine background and overlay shimmer Render time 5 minutes (4Mb)

This precomposed project will create a standalone motion background or an overlay light wave effect to any motion or static video or image
Many of our motion backgrounds on the web site use a moving light overlay, this project contains the adjustable overlay generator composition for the light wave effect, the package is complete in every respect including content/ timing and fonts the download example contains the illustrated DVD menu example shown.

By simply replacing the commented background this effect can be applied to any of your content images or videos etc. and it is fully adjustable as commented on the timeline

*** Trapcode shine plugin is required
Remember we offer discount to the purchase of this plugin in your member profile and we are releasing new trapcode pros soon...


Install the provided fonts then open the af shimmer.aep project and preview the effect to gain understanding of the composition.


Step one from the main hd1280 output composition, by importing you image or video and replacing the stars_enc_hd background layer, you can easily apply this effect to any of your footage or menu backgrounds, timeline comments shown advise on how best to do this.

Step two By opening the shimmer composition the light effect itself can easily be edited follow the time line comments to move the light source and position and by using the effect controls for shine you can increase the light strength, radiance etc. and for a more subtle effect reduce the angle of the phase keyframes.
Step three hd1280 output composition
If you wish to recreate the dvd menu above, after rendering the motion background, import to encore then hide the edit folder contents from view to author the dvd correctly


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  Additional Bonus pack downloads EDAN Render time 5 minutes (4Mb)      
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for further additions to this effect

The additional download for the Wedding menu shown, is supplied with HD DVD menu and After Effects shimmer effect motion background generator, the principle is identical to the above instructions.
the rendered motion background when compiled is used within encore as the background to the provided DVD menu

however you will have to manually replace the your image layer from the photoshop edit folder do this within photoshop - follow this guide similar example
mouse clicking on the mask to correctly obtain the selection