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Stone Etch Render time 5 minutes (12Mb)

This precomposed project will create the image introduction and freeze effects which can be used for many themes.
This package will compile 10 seconds of video intro and is an update on the version available in Masterclass the new version being fully colour adjustable and timeline commented for guidance.
By replacing the provided video holder and editing text layers your video will be project composed to this effect, the package is complete in every respect including audio content/ timing and fonts
all flash light and image effects are included.
Download the wmv 1280 sample to fully view the effect (10Mb)

This project will produce a real dynamic effect and by linking several exported clips to an overlay audio track a true action introduction can be obtained which is extremely simplistic to compile.
You can view an extended version of this effect here
Trapcode plugins are used in this project to enhance certain effects however the project will effectively compile with or without this plugin
Remember we offer discount to the purchase of this plugin in your member profile and we are releasing new trapcode pros soon...


Install the provided fonts then open the af stoneetch.aep project and preview the effect to gain understanding of the composition.


Step one Simply right click on the your video holder and choose replace footage - file, then direct the menu to your footage, please ensure that any video footage has a minimum time duration of 6.0s to suit this composition, then open the video prepare composition.

The video prepare composition allows the freeze frame time point of the video to be adjusted, note the marker point guide which will enable you to accurately have your clip freeze at the required time, try dragging the import videolayer then switch to the hd composition you will notice that the freeze effect occurs exactly at the marker.
this composition will also allow you to scale your respective video as commented on the timeline, allowing optional footage to be used.
Step two Simply edit the text wording of both text and text 2 compositions
Step two open the hd1280 output composition
The adjustment layer commented will allow the overall colour effect to be changed, click the adjustment layer then modify the effects hue and sat colorisation from the effect control panel, by disabling this layer natural colouring can be reintroduced.


by including audio in the output render, the demonstration sound effects will be included and synchronised to your final video.

NOTE the package creates individual loops shown above which you can join in any video editor and then add the additional overall audio to complete the effect.


  ................... Gold Professional account required