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Train Text dimensional text display system Render time 7 minutes (23Mb)

This precomposed project will apply the text effects to your video clip as shown by this demonstration.

This package will compile 23 seconds of reality video text effects.

By replacing the 6 text entries your video will be project composed to this effect, the package is complete in every respect including audio content/ timing and fonts.

Download the wmv 1280 sample to fully view the effect (13mb)

we have included optional lineage in the photoshop psd effect image, simply activate the options folder from within photoshop and save the file.


Install the provided fonts then open the af traintext.aep project and preview the effect to gain understanding of the composition.


Step one use the replace footage feature of After effects to substitute the background video holder provided.
Step two open the text entry 1 composition and enter your text content as indicated (repeat this for text entry 2-6 compositions).
open the hd1280 final output composition resize to best fit the window your video layer as indicated, then adjust the required speed of your video to suit the effect.
on the composition timeline drag the text 1 +2 builder composition layer as indicated to the required display point in your video repeat this for (3+4 and 5+6 builder composition layers)
Step Three If you wish to adjust the dimensional angle of the text display activate the camera orbit tool within the final output composition and adjust as necessary, avoiding text edge display, the scale tool can be used to further this effect, both text layers 1+2 and 5+6 are set as 3D layers and will be adjusted using this method.

you are now ready to render the effect.
Video replacement should be a least 30 seconds in duration.
by including audio in the output render, the demonstration sound effects will be included and synchronised to your final video.

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