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Film 4 dimensional preview system Render time 12 minutes (32Mb)

This precomposed project will apply the intro effects to your video clips as shown by this demonstration.

This package will compile 32 seconds of reality video transition effects and contains the complete 2nd illustration light wave exclusive dvd video effect.

By replacing the 2 provided video holders your video will be project composed to this effect, the package is complete in every respect including audio content/ timing and fonts.

Download the wmv 1280 sample to fully view the effect (32mb)

we have included the red light wave DV video should you wish to include this in your effect.
All colour adjustments and effects are included with optional single colour enhancements included in the package.


Install the provided fonts then open the af film4.aep project and preview the effect to gain understanding of the composition.


Step one use the replace footage feature of After effects to substitute the video 1 and video 3 holders provided.
Step two open the video 1 import prepare adjustment composition this will allow you to scale your respective video as commented on the timeline
resize to best fit the guide markers provided and best match our demonstration. (repeat this for the video 3 import prepare composition)
The effect video within video 2 import prepare composition can be replaced by the same method if required, however we have included the actual stars and stripes video if you wish to utilise this effect, then no action is necessary, however please note that the text exclusive layer in this composition should be altered at this point if required, as indicated.
Step Three Once you have updated the respective video prepare compositions.
open the respective video 1-3 video builder compositions and edit each text layer as indicated, this updates the title description for each video.
Step Four Finally open the hd output composition.
Edit the indicated text layers to include your logo in place of the film 4 text.

the optional colour effect layer is indicated on the timeline. if you wish to use this-
Activate the indicated colour adjustment layer, this applies the green burn effect to your video, this may require adjustment depending on the colour and lightness of your video
do this from the adjustment layer effect controls varying the colorisation, lightness etc. to best match your video to the original colour.
you are now ready to render the effect.
Each respective video replacement should be a least 15 seconds in duration.
by including audio in the output render, the demonstration sound effects will be included and synchronised to your final video.

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