These projects are Adobe after effects 7.0
provided in 1280 720 HD format however and output is a simple true format down scale for all items,
By exporting from after effects in PAL WS or NTSC WS , true format video output alternatives can be obtained
For detailed instruction on how to do this -Download the tutorial below

Any Encore DVD menu is simply resized within photoshop to square pixel PAL WS 1024 576 or NTSC WS 854 480
For detailed instruction on how to do this - Download the tutorial below
Choose bicubic from the resample image drop box or nearest neighbour to preserve hilite layers a visual comparison should be made to utilise the best method.
minor adustments to the readable text size can be completed within Encore V1.0 onward on project compiling.

(Please this process is optional) as Encore will import HD720 menus to PAL WS or NTSC WS projects automatically in the appropriate format

Visit the Adobe encore forum for latest suggestions on this concept


TUTORIAL DIVX Codec required get it here DOWNLOAD Part 1 - Creating NTSC WS video output from our After effects HD 720 projects
DOWNLOAD Part 2 - Resizing Our HD 1280 DVD Menus To NTSC WS Within photoshop
Video tutorial by Robert Dickie for beginners PAL users simply select the PAL DV WS setting and a frame rate of 25Fps within the above video