These projects are ASSEMBLED from Adobe after effects 7.0
provided in 1280 720 HD format however and output is a simple true format down scale output.
    Project Download includes
  DVD Menu HD1280
After effects v7.0 builder
  Canopus codec
  Render time 30 minutes  
Size (60Mb)  



This precomposed project will create the intro and matching DVD menu background shown by this demonstration. and can be used for many themes.
This package will compile 30 seconds of video intro and 45s of matching DVD background.
By replacing the provided video holders and editing text layers your videos will be project composed to this effect, the package is complete in every respect including audio content/ timing and fonts
all flash light effects and transition effects are included together with the Encore DVD Menu.

Download the wmv 1280 sample to fully view the effect in HD (47Mb)

This project will produce a versatile dvd menu system and is extremely simplistic to compile.

Install the provided fonts
Then open the af gladiator.aep project and preview the effect to gain understanding of the composition.

Step one the first step is to set up the dvd menu text wording to your requirement.
open the gladiator_enc_hd.psd menu into photoshop and alter the text in both buttons and header content (the text folder) to your requirement.
the hilite layers may need to be scaled for buttons should you expand the existing wording
When complete save the file to update your changes.
Please note that after effects imports this dvd menu to compile the video outputs, so this must be completed first of all "avoid renaming any layers etc"
Step two open the gladiator.aep into after effects and expand the project FIRST PLAY menu assembler assets folder to reveal the relevant video holders 1-9 folder
We have provided 9 video holders simply use the replace footage feature of AF to replace the footage, do this for video holders 1-9
as you can see the video holders are different durations , we have commented on the timeline the required minimum times for each
Video( 1) -26s
Video( 7) -17s
Video (2,3,4,5,6,8.9) -1s
Tip by providing a video adjustment composition for each clip you can import larger videos and use the timeline dragg to position of the clip of video you require to the 0 sec point

The standard for video is hd1280 720, however this preview was compiled from pal format, in order to allow this we have provided a video adjustment composition for each video by opening the video 1 adjustment composition after replacing the video footage you can scale the video to best fit this composition window, this must be repeated for video 1-9. adjustment compositions - hence other video formats can easily be used.
after replacing the 9 videos and ensuring each fits the respective adjustment composition we can move on.

Step Three Open the 1-FIRST PLAY menu assembler - o composition and have the timeline in view (this will output the first play video and menu build)
from the timeline edit each text layer as commented- layers 2-5 (yellow)
then open text 1 composition and edit the text WARRIOR to best fit the guide markers provided repeat this for text 2 and 3 compositions
we have provided comments to best display the text over your videos.
Step Four switch back to the 1-FIRST PLAY menu assembler - o composition
you are now ready to render the first play effect.
by including audio in the output render, the demonstration sound effects will be included and synchronised to your final video.

Step Five to create the DVD menu background
expand the project DVD MENU BACKGROUND assets folder and open the 2 DVD MENU BACKGROUND output -h composition
all updates will have been completed and you are now ready to render the DVD motion background for use with the DVD menu provided in Adobe Encore
by including audio in the output render, the demonstration sound effects will be included and synchronised to your final video.