Visual enhancement buttons
Many users when compiling this type of menu wonder what to do with the button shown here via the navigation system, the button itself is really for visual puposes and can contain video or images captured from any timeline
quick and easy within encore for simplistic effect.

Resolving the issue

If the thumb button is being used for

  • PHOTO ONLY DISPLAY after firstly setting the link of the button to the relevant imported image timeline to complete thumbnail capture then choose convert the button to an object this effectively resolves the issues of navigation and retains the auto button routing for all remaining buttons.
    after setting the menu to animate buttons and linking the button to the respective video or chapter point to complete capture
    the method used to exclude this button from navigation could be for example
    "with button routing, you just have all four directions of the button go back to itself, ie if it's button 1 then set all four directions to button 1 and it shouldn't be accessible or do any thing if you accessed it.
    Then set up all the other buttons to exclude that button and make sure button 1 isn't the default button. "
  • The preview feature - render motion menus may be a good solution for the video thumbnail however it is exported in mpg and the quality may be reduced
    the render motion menus facility will compile a video from the items visible at any time.
    Hide from view all non required items in the motion background ie other buttons and text items
    excluding the thumbnail button and background
    then by setting the link of the button to the relevant chapter or video to complete video capture
    choose - render motion menus
    encore compiles a video background with the video thumb nail included and saves it in the respective project sources/menus folder named Video_Bpgc_Asf.mpg
    by importing a copy of this into your project (must be a copy)
    and using this as the motion background to the menu, all navigation issues and auto button routing are solved
    after of course deleting or disabling the respective button (used for capture) from the menu and reactivating all hidden buttons and text etc