Video Web Site In box

Welcome to our latest available project:
This package will allow you to recreate the complete site area shown here with
all video+ effects includes all required builders , flash interface source file and master images for your customization.

Open the photoshop master agnew2.psd
and adjust all elements to your requirement please retain the transparency
then save this image as a png file 24bit file to
flashbuilder/imageimports/agnew2.png replacing the existing file
Open the photoshop master initial.psd
and replace with your first image (which is first before the video displays in the flash file) save the file as a jpg to flashbuilder/imageimports/initial.jpg replacing the existing file
Open the flash file builder file gartmore2.fla
from the library window import the new versions of these images to the existing library items and save
you can then adjust all other text items in the flash file you wish to alter
on completion generate the gartmore2.swf file and replace the web page version with this new version
STEP 4 The video
Open the afx Cs4 builder and include your images in the relevant holders provided
export the FLV without resizing to webpage/gartmore.flv replacing the existing file
Sync camera click audio is included with the music background.

upload the web page components to any location on your server
and preview index.html

To further this theme we are compiling a DVD menu series to compliment this area
view Part 1 - The Journey here

  • Adobe after effects CS4 video assembler recreating the FLV stream +effects in the video window
  • Photoshop template master images
  • Flash MX interface source file for video and Image display
  • Web page and all components